AIRPRENE (orthoprene)


Airprene is a variety of neoprene with perforation which imparts “breathing” properties to the material.

Airprene is an extra elastic foam polymer with microcellular structure and punched holes all over the surface of the fabric that ensure optimal air and moisture exchange.
Due to its plasticity airprene allows to distribute compression to every part of a joint according to the structure and functions of this very part, which improves microcirculation in soft tissues, facilitates recovery and prevents damages.

Neoprene and airprene are widely used in goods for health, sports and active leisure.аэропрен They are used for making slimming belts, bandages, corsets, knee pads, wrist braces, thermal socks, etc. All these items have one common feature – they provide secure fixation and warming up of a part having troubles (sauna effect).

Airprene keeps skin feeling dry even at high physical loads. But probably the most important thing is that breathing properties of airprene have not impaired unique features of neoprene, as an outstanding material. Unique character of orthopedic items made of neoprene – aesthetic appearance and integrated influence on body. Such appliances provide fixation, thermal effect, micro-massage and compression simultaneously. They fix securely but at the same time do not limit natural movements of muscles. So the load on all parts of body is regular. Another strong point is a highly aesthetic appearance of prosthetic and orthopedic neoprene appliances. Thanks to their up-to- date excellent appearance you can wear neoprene items not only during exercises but also in everyday life. Neoprene can be used at temperature from -55 to + 90°C. Neoprene is resistant to sunlight and reactive oil products.

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