Foam rubber SBR

Пористая резина SBR

SBR - 100% foam styrene-butadiene rubber, having great resemblance to neoprene by its properties. We offer foam SBR of various thickness in sheets and rolls. SBR has deserved its image of the material best-suited to general applications.


SBR is obtained by curing styrene-butadiene rubber and final coating with fabric if required. This material based on styrene-butadiene rubber also contains active additives and demonstrates strong performance in terms of durability, wear and frost resistance, and besides it is quite elastic. SBR has excellent shock resistance and heat insulating, sound proofing and moisture resistant properties. Thanks to its properties this material is widely used in production of covers for various digital devices, garments, immersion suits, orthopedic goods, etc. High-quality SBR compliant with DIN18035-7 standard is made by qualified specialists using latest techniques on the plant’s state-of-art equipment.

Minimum order — 33 running meters
Roll width — 1.35 m

rubles /running meter (VAT incl.)

Coating sheets with adhesive – in 3 working days.
Please, contact managers to obtain more accurate cost calculation.





160 kg/m3

Service temperature range (ASTM D 1056 p.53-60)

- 35° C to   + 90° C

Max. elongation - (ASTM D 412)

> 350 %

Tensile strength - (ASTM D 412)

16,50 KG/cmq (1.150 kPa)

Resistance to

water, ozone, UV - medium

Compression resistance  - (ASTM 1056/85)

AL 25% - 0,40 KG/cmq (40 kPa)


soft, elastic, excellent damping and sealing

Thickness, mm

2,3,5,10 (mm)