Sheet rubber EPDM 100

Листовая резина ЕПДМ 100

EPDM material produced by RUFOAM is a foam (cellular) rubber in rolls made from appropriate copolymers. Put simply, it is a quite elastic material resistant to moisture, UV and ozone. The material resists deterioration caused by ageing that is an additional advantage for automotive and building industries. The material can be used in a temperature range from - 35 to + 85 °C.

It is applied in a very wide variety of industrial sectors. The products are seals with EPDM rubber, liquid EPDM rubber, gaskets and all sorts of membranes, profiles, electric insulation with cold shrink tubing, roofing, slabs packing and many other things.

The maker’s credo is to ensure European-level quality through the flawless process.

We offer you EPDM sheets of 1000х1800 mm and 1300х2300 mm and rolled rubber having thickness from 1.5 mm to 40 mm and width of 1 m which can also be cut into strips of required width according to your order.

We cut out various articles and gaskets from EPDM on a high speed notcher with the capacity of around 100,000 pcs/day

rubles / sheet

* Rubber color — black
White color is available to order

Coating sheets with adhesive – in 3 working days.
Please, contact managers to obtain more accurate cost calculation.



EPDM  100


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber)

ASTM strandard D - 1056

RE 42/2A2

Cell structure



black, white, colored

Relative density - (ISO 845-88 - ASTM D 3575)

100 +/- 10 kg/m³

Water absorption - (ASTM D 1056)

< 7%

Service temperature range (ASTM D 3575)

-35 ºС + 80ºС

Linear change at 70 ºС  during 7 days (ASTM D 1204) thermal shrinkage


Elongation at rupture  -  (ASTM  D  412)  - reversible elongation deformation


Tensile strength - (ASTM D 412)

9 kg/cm²  (500 kPa)

Tear strength - (ASTM D 624)

7,5  kg/cm  (0,75 kN/m)

Resistance to:

air + UF - high, ozone 48 h/200 pphm

Shore hardness (ASTM D 2240)

30 +/- 5<