Neoprene CR

Неопрен CR

This excellent material has been used in a wide range of industries for 70 years already. Neoprene fabric, mainly applied for manufacturing goods of general use, is produced by enterprises as black or grey material. Neoprene can be painted and decorated with various patterns and prints. Besides there are subtypes with oxygen transmission properties which allow skin to “breathe”. So this is a unique multi-purpose material, which can be applied for production of an extremely wide range of items. Thanks to its universal properties a great variety of articles can be made of it.

·         It is multi-purpose – resistant to a majority of chemical substances – acids and alkalies, oils,  gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbons;

·         It endures high and low temperatures from -40 to 110ºС;

·         It has low residual deformation;

·         It is resistant to UV, ozone and oxygen – can be used outdoors for many years without ageing and deterioration;

·         The material has low water absorption, below 5%;

·         It is elastic, durable, environment-friendly and soundproof.

·         It has a long life – tens of years


SHEET SIZE, MM — 1000*2000

rubles / sheet

Coating sheets with adhesive – in 3 working days.
Please, contact managers to obtain more accurate cost calculation.



Neoprene CR

Sheet size

1000х2000 mm


160 kg/m3

Service temperature range (ASTM D 1056 p.53-60)

- 40° C  to  + 100° C

Max. elongation - (ASTM D 412)

> 250 %

Tensile strength - (ASTM D 412)

11.50 KG/cmq (1.150 kPa)

Resistance to

water, ozone, UV - excellent