Neoprene CR/SBR Seals


CR/SBR Seal with and without adhesive layer.

Characteristics of Neoprene CR/SBR: 

  • resistant to acids and alkalies, oil, gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbons ;
  • endures high and low temperatures from -35 to 95°С;
  • has low residual deformation;
  • resistant to UV, ozone and oxygen – can be used outdoors for many years without ageing and deterioration;
  • has low water absorption, below 5%;
  • elastic, durable, environment-friendly and sound-proof.
rub. / running m (VAT included)

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Neoprene is used for making:

• cable and wire sheathes, as far as it is a good insulator resistant to chemical and physical impact which means that it ensures increased efficiency and prolonged service life.

·   products of general use, e.g. immersion suits, waterproof shoes, gloves, bags, covers for laptops and other devices, mouse pads. All the products of neoprene are fade-resistant, water proof and can be enjoyed for years.

• items in pharmaceutical and food industries, where sealing and hygiene are of significant importance. This synthetic rubber is used for making bandages and orthopedic footwear.

• construction materials, as far as neoprene prevents roof leaking, withstands fire and windstorms and stands the test of time. Namely for this reason many producers, architects and engineers prefer products of neoprene, from glazing seals to roofing materials and vinyl siding.

 semiconductors, the production of which is associated with extreme chemical and thermal impact on the substance. Neoprene passes such tests with honor and semiconducting plates of neoprene are integrated in PC and mobile phones microcircuits.

 products for automotive industry. Multiple methods of neoprene application in the segment are beyond all comparison. For instance, such neoprene items as hoses, tubes, gaskets and sealing rings are mounted under the hood – in fuel systems, engines and transmissions. Besides, neoprene hoses and cups can be found in a car underbody where they serve for reducing noises and vibration. And of course neoprene seat covers are favored by users for their resistance to tears and coloration. 

 various gaskets, cable jackets, rings, valves and pumps in aerospace industry. Unique properties of the material attracted attention of aircraft designers and engineers. Neoprene items still ensure high efficiency and proper operation of aircraft, industrial gas-turbine engines and hydraulic cylinders.

• contact adhesives used in manufacturing of kitchen furniture, shop shelves, partitions and footwear. They are distinguished by excellent cohesion behavior even when used under high temperature conditions.