EPDM 150 Seal

Уплотнитель ЕПДМ 150

According to one of the existing definitions, a self-adhesive seal is a resilient and elastic gasket of square cross-section laid around the entire perimeter of structure which ensures additional performance characteristics. Seals applications are quite numerous at present and include household appliances and space hardware. That is why special attention should be paid to the material used for self-adhesive seals.

An ideal material for self-adhesive seals is the EPDM profile. This very type of seals is commonly used by professionals. The surface of such seals is coated with special adhesive compound having good adhesion properties.

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Among the main features inherent to self-adhesive EPDM seals are the following:

 - water resistance;

 - high level of  weather resistance (effects of oxygen, UV and ozone);

 - high wear resistance and absence of cracks;

 -  thermal stability (in the range from -50 to +100 °C);

 - good adhesion;

 - ability to “hold” the shape .

 Applications of EPDM foam seal.

 EPDM rubber imparts an end product with features which make it appropriate for using in construction and building structures. Aside from that such seals are widely used for sealing garage doors and gates, plastic, wooden and metal doors and windows. Self-adhesive profiles are also engaged in auto transport and machine building. No warehousing and industrial facilities can do without seals.

 Self-adhesive EPDM seals can be applied for heat insulation of window and door joints. Such seals help to achieve considerable reduction of heat losses, prevent draughts and propagation of unpleasant odors. Moreover, when closing a window or a door the seals serve as a damper, which has a positive effect on the life of the whole structure. Besides, the noise generated by contacting structural parts is minimized. Among the strengths of the self-adhesive rubber is that it is highly competitive in terms of cost compared to silicone seals. At the same time, it doesn’t detriment consumer properties. For the whole service life rubber seals are not subject to cracks, maintain their shape and resilience no matter how hard the service conditions are. Self-adhesive EPDM profiles appear as ethylene-propylene rubber (synthetic rubber). When the operation standards are met, the service life of EPDM seals may achieve 10-20 years.